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Joan Smalls Channels Tina Turner in Latest VJoan Smalls Channels Tina Turner in Latest V

30 Aug


Photos: Tom Munro Fashion; Tom Munro Fashion; Tom Munro Fashion

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SHOWstudio: Punk: Not Clueless – Stephen Jones

27 Aug


Stephen Jones become a mad professor, while Jodie Harsh is transformed into a Punk Princess, in ‘Not Clueless’, a riotous fashion film.

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Blogger Leandra Medine Collaborate on Sneakers

27 Aug


Blogger Leandra Medine of Man Repeller celebrated the launch of a fall sneaker collaboration last week at Madison on Broadway in Santa Monica, Calif.  The collection features the classic high- and low-top Supergas in suede; sparkly tweed, and velvet in black, blue, burgundy, green and winter white. Each pair of shoes comes with both short and long laces to wrap around the ankle, Medine’s signature look. The shoes retail for $120 to $165 at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and the Superga store in New York City.

Leandra Medine Superga 2013

Leandra Medine

Photo By ‪John Sciulli/WireImage‬



via —-> Fashion Scoops

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SHOWstudio: Punk: SeX PisTOL 3.0 – Joseph Lally

23 Aug

Acclaimed image-maker Joseph Lally offers up a punk film and image editorial based on an ultra-sexual vision of punk.

Coinciding with the Met exhibition Punk: Chaos to Couture, on which Nick Knight served as a creative consultant, SHOWstudio celebrates fashion film with a dynamic new series. A range of our talented contributors were tasked with exploring punk’s central theme of personal expression and DIY by creating or customising a special item of clothing to serve as the subject of their fashion film. Watch the films or purchase the one-off garments from SHOWstudio Shop.

Design42Day – Lazika Municipality by Architects of Invention

23 Aug


Lazika Municipality by Architects of Invention

Immagine 1

An edifice projected to serve as a public service’s headquarters in a city not yet existing. This is the case of the Municipality building in Lazika, Georgia, entirely developed by the London and Tbilisi firm Architects of Invention. The project was born only after the 2011 decision of the Georgian president to embrace the Chinese principles of instantaneous urban planning and erect Lazika city in what is now a desolate, swampy land. The advancement of the building was almost instantaneous itself, being completed after only 168 days the past September.

The office complex is an elaborate steel structure consisting of separate volumes, each functionally separated from the others. The metal and glass blocks are spaced from one another through narrow columns, which traditionally rise from the ground level the houses located in the same damp-soil area. The result, from a visual point of view, is something similar to “floating objects”, also a clever attempt at raising the client’s awareness of the risks associated to see level rises caused by an anticipated global warming. Somewhere in between an edifice and a sculpture, the whole project was considered as a void that had to be filled up with alternate masses, creating what is now an original mixture of empty and full spaces.

The complexity of the building’s design mandated for the exclusive use of steel applying the Structural Steel Framing Solution technique to complete it, although the original idea was to keep costs down by employing local contraction methods and materials. The structure can hold about 40 employees, divided into a ground-floor staff for the Public Services Hall and two plinth offices for the Municipality. The elevated-surfaces construction was purposefully thought to interact with the predominantly flat geography of the area, allowing to overlook all around the city of Lazika, which will soon sprout to life.

Federica  Maiorano


Design42Day – Lazika Municipality by Architects of Invention


Jezebel By Leone Stave | FashionTV

14 Aug

“Jezebel” by Leone Stave. This beautifully choreographed black-and-white clip showcases raw, dark emotions–from crying to screaming–on the models draped in skull-themed attire.

Appearances: anna somik@damninc.
julia nosova@damninc.
elizabeth shakira@damninc.
andrey korovko@perfect10

Npm production presents “jezebel”
directed nicoline patricia malina
video & editing leone stave agustino
models anna somik@damninc.
julia nosova@damninc.
elizabeth shakira@damninc.
andrey korovko@perfect10
make up & hair philips kwok
stylist aldi indrajaya
production melvin roberto
lighting asst claudia dian
special thanks to bonnie degio
adwin saputra
alexander siregar
runner didin prasetyo
music by glasser – apply


Karl Lagerfeld Gave Unwanted Advice on Pants

13 Aug

Designer Karl Lagerfeld tells Merkel to dress to fit her figure [Global Post]


Art Print / MINI by Christopher Lee Sauvé

8 Aug

Art Print / MINI by Christopher Lee Sauvé


Cara Delevingne lands her first leading lady film role

6 Aug

Cara Delevingne lands her first leading lady film role

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