INTERVIEW w Larissa Hadjio

26 Jul

It has been days before, I was looking for exclusive pictures from Berlin Fashion Week form my blog, when my cousin Natia Bakhtadze (model/designer) send me pictures from showrooms where she has occasionally happen to be. The pictures attract me; and I found the playful and in the same way elegant bags of Larissa.

Larissa Hadjio is not new name for fashion world, but for my new followers & readers in my country I want to narrate a bit.  Larissa Hadjio is Czech – Azeri, grew up in Germany and is based in London, United Kingdom. She has graduated Central St. Martins. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom. Larisa also worked for Fashion Magazine Intersection and as an Art Director before launching her own label in 2010.

About a week ago I decided to dare and send her letter and ask for an interview. I have no idea how to ask a person like Larissa Hodjio, when she already featured front pages on Dazed Digital, ELLE, Vogue, the Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar. And, to my big surprise she answered my letter.

First time I wanted to portray her works, but afterwards, decided become more relaxed and leave that opportunity on Larissa’s own. She appeared to be a good interlocutress.

So here we are:

TB       How did you get into fashion?

LH      Fashion has always been a love of mine and inspiration. How clothes transform a silhouette, an entire person, make you feel different about yourselves and others. It can be playful and dramatic; I have always loved how cloths transform. 

           I have always enjoyed creating things, for a while  experimenting with photography and film, but my love for constructing and creating objects led me back to fashion in a fun way – making wearable objects. 

TB      How did you come to start your own line?

LH     I wanted to try my own ideas out.

TB     Tell me about your collections?

LH     I work with collections that follow seasons, and expand and continue each collection past one season.
 My bags are not ephemeral pieces, they are bags that live beyond a summer or two. The latest collections are the African ‘Masquerade’, ‘ Diamond Vision‘ and ‘Deep Sea’ collections, sea creature, diamond shaped bags and wild mask selection.

TB     How would you describe your aesthetics?

LH     Playful, dramatic, elegant.

TB     What materials do you use/ and wish to try to work with?

LH     I mostly work with leather, often lamb, as it’s thin and moldable. I back the leather up to strengthen it as lamb leather a very soft material but also easy to manipulate when backed up.
For the ‘Masquerade’ collection we knitted and knotted the lamb leather, used wood, coconut and teak. Creating a beautiful contrasts of materials and textures.

And of course my favorites Tilapia fish leather and water snake.

TB     Where do you go for inspiration?

LH    Everything can be inspirational, the people around me, objects I see.

TB    How does that inspiration turn into reality?

LH     Trial and error, endless pattern and material experimentations – long hours in the workshop and with material suppliers, until I am happy.

TB       What’s your connection to Czech or Azeri roots today?

LH     I think growing up in a Country does not mean as much, as how you are being raised. Having two parents from the east, their stories, history, food and nighttime lullabies is in my blood. But having lived in London for a long time, its diversity and originality has influenced me as much, and I would call myself a Londoner these days.

TB    How would you describe your personal style?

LH     I am off the black, discovered yellow and bright red for myself this summer. I am wearing my leather Visor as soon as the sun gets out and my yellow Kenzo rope belt. Basically I sleep in it.

TB      Can you tell me about your collaboration with Penelope’s Sphere for the Berlin Fashion Week 2013?

LH        Tamari and I did a collaboration with the Konk Store, one of the most fun stores in Berlin, you walk in and there are bright colours. Everywhere. Penelope ‘s Sphere and I did a presentation  for Berlin Fashion Week in store.

TB       What is your biggest upcoming project?

LH        There is few exiting collaborations in the pipeline and we are showing the first year at Somerset House at London Fashion week this autumn.

TB       We’re done. Good luck J

LH      X Thanks


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